The Best Restaurant Group is committed to improve the restaurant industry, the lives of the amazing people that feed the world on a daily basis, how ingredients are treated and processed, the perception of chefs and restaurateurs, the working environment and respect within a restaurant, guest experiences, how food delivery is executed, food quality and its supply chain, environment and mutual respect.

Everything the Best Restaurant Group endeavours towards is based on our Ethos and our Values.


The Best Restaurant Group takes every possible step to ensure that we are as green as can be which includes but is not limited to: sustainable local providers that are proven to be organic, cage-free, antibiotic free, free run, ethical and as wholesome as possible; compostable packaging made from recycled materials; low waste kitchens (less than 0.5%); comprehensive waste management with recycling and compost bins. 


All our ingredients are carefully sourced fresh from the best and most sustainable sources to ensure the best possible results and flavours in each of our dishes.


The Best Restaurant Group brings a new meaning to "Made From Scratch".  Each BRG brand makes all of its dishes from scratch with raw ingredients including but not limited to: bread; sauces; yogurts; cheeses; rubs; condiments; ice cream; sausages; broths; dips; and much more.  


All orders placed with any Best Restaurant Group brands are made to order when ordered.  All ingredients on a plate are made for the guest ordering the dish, no exceptions, no excuses.


The Best Restaurant Group is committed to supporting its local communities and residents by supporting various organizations as well as enacting BRG Brand programs.  Follow our social media accounts to see what we are currently doing for the community and its residents.


The Best Restaurant Group offers a respectful, above average wage work environment with opportunities for growth and learning made available to all its team members.  Opportunities also include partnership and management track for team members that demonstrate dedication, loyalty, respect and willingness to learn.

BRG likes to cultivate team spirit, honesty, hard work, equality, dedication, honour, integrity, originality, creativity, competition and above all else; respect.


Under no circumstances does BRG tolerate anyone within the organization to participate, engage or encourage any form of racism, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia, bullying, shaming, violence, disrespect and harassment (physical & verbal).  The work environment as well as all individuals within the organization should always feel safe, respected and open to be themselves no matter the situation.


The Best Restaurant Group believes that the world would be in a better place if people from all over practiced a bit more mutual respect.  Respect is the foundation for any relationship and at BRG, we take that very seriously.  Here are some examples of how we implement respect within every part of our businesses.

We respect our employees by providing a safe and enjoyable work environment with a living wage as well as learning & growth opportunities for all team members willing to take advantage.

We respect our guests by providing the best possible culinary experiences to each guest.  We offer made to order meals with only the best possible and freshest ingredients in every one of our dishes.  We never trick or deceive our guests with false names, descriptions, provenance and nature of any products.


The Environment
We respect the environment by having a sustainable supply chain, having a waste management system featuring recycling and organic composting, operating nearly 0% waste kitchens and having packaging that is not only made from recyclable materials but that is bio-degradable and compostable.



We respect our suppliers, always local, by always paying our invoices on time and in full.


We respect our food by never wasting any part of any animal, animal by-product or produce.

The Restaurant Industry
We respect the restaurant industry by honouring the past but looking to the future and changing how the industry is perceived, the role the industry plays in society, how employees are treated, how food is treated, how ingredients are sources, how delivery is executed and how the guest is treated.

The Economy

We respect the economy by providing each of our team members a living wage that is above industry averages, guaranteed hours, benefits and paid vacation as well as pay our suppliers a fair sum for their products.  All this money is then returned into the economy as all involved have some sort of disposable income.


We respect ourselves by never compromising on our values or our beliefs as well as by being a profitable company without profiting at the expense of others.