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Having a streak of independence and the spirit of a rebel from a young age, Michael has not followed the traditional life path that most people do.  


Having worked in 5 different countries, consulted in dozen additional ones and traveled to over 50 countries in his lifetime, Michael has an acute awareness of the restaurant, hospitality and entertainment industries.


This combined life and work experience provides Michael with the unique skills and leadership qualities needed to take the Best Restaurant Group and all its brands to new levels of success.


Fun facts: Michael's passions include history, politics, travel and fine dining (having collected over 50 Michelin stars and more than half of the World's Top 100 Restaurants)



Originally from Rimouski, Dany Bolduc is chef-owner of the H4C restaurant in St-Henri since it’s opening in 2013. The restaurant initially started in a more bistro style, the logical step after his former position as chef at the Reservoir (popular brasserie in Montreal), his cuisine would quickly evolve during its first 5 years, climbing the ranks of the bistro, from bistronomy to the gastronomy it currently offers.


Chef Bolduc reopen ed the doors of H4C in June 2019 after a change of partnership and a refined renovation of its dining room where taking time, sharing and the ephemeral are priorities.


His cuisine is greatly influenced by his multiple trips around the world. From India to Japan, going through France, England, Mexico or Peru, it is the flavors, the smells, the ingredients and the colors of all these experiences that Chef Bolduc tells the tale of on his plates. His techniques which were Initially influenced by French cuisine, are now unique, precise, signed and they are pushed forward at all times with the members of his brigade.


Unparalleled authenticity, his heart is in every decision made.




Since she could remember, Ashley's dream was to travel for a living. Little did she know that dream would become a reality at 25. for the following 4 years, Ashley spent her life travelling full time while working from whichever destination she called home that day. It is from these adventures that she derives creativity for the branding of the Best Restaurant Group. In each concept you will find a little piece of her travels, from the posh neighbourhoods of London , the turquoise waters of Croatia to melting pot of a culture you'll discover in Singapore.


From childhood, Ashley has always been a curious creative dabbling in photography, branding, graphic design & web design which she continues to perfect to this day. With her persistent drive to push the boundaries tied with her entrepreneurial mindset, Ashley uses her strengths to create unique concepts, captivating design & artistry that pulls customers, investors, partners and admirers in to discover what the Best Restaurant Group is all about.


Her travels may have slowed down in the past couple years but there is not a year she goes by without travel. Stay tuned to see what global inspirations come next for the Best Restaurant Group




Co-owner of the restaurant H4C par Dany Bolduc in Montreal since June 2019, Alexandra is a passionate and energetic woman, bringing her colors and roaring laughter wherever she is. This Maître D will not only host you with benevolence but also with a bold sense of humour, creating a warm balance between the comfortable and the high end. She will oversee every detail and make sure the timing of every aspect of your experience is unique and magical/exceptional.

Starting her career in entertainment as a stage manager; Alexandra met the most hardworking people. As a young adult, she gained real experiences and knowledge through her solo-travels from farm to farm across Europe. She found a keen resemblance from what she experienced backstage and had decided to bring the show to the restaurant.

Coming back home, she started working in bars and restaurants where she met various inspiring and passionate people, from owners to bartenders, servers, producers and cooks. When the opportunity came to start anew the H4C project, she simply could not refuse.

It is with warmth, a thirst of knowledge and a rational eccentricity that this woman will share her passion with you!

Fun Facts: Alexandra once had to fist fight a donkey to saver her life.



Born in the Netherlands in 1986, where his father was a head chef at a private club, Jonathan and his family emigrated to Quebec in 1989. Forced to take a make-up exam which held him out of college for the fall semester, Jonathan found work as a busboy and has been in the service and hospitality industry since 2003. Coming from a family whose members all attended university, he completed his Bachelors by majoring in Political Science and obtaining a minor in History. Adding to his academic accomplishments, he holds Master’s degree in Industrial Relations. He was certified as sommelier by the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie de Québec in 2010, after completing the two year program.


Having begun his waiter career at the Italian restaurant « Vizio », at 22 years old he became co-owner of Basi Bistro next  to the Jean Talon market, until its closing four years later. He afterwards joined the team at fabled farm-to-table Bistro Olivieri (2012-2014) before becoming sommelier at old Montreal’s famed Les 400 Coups in 2015 and then manager in 2017. In the spring of 2018, Jonathan joined Chef Samy Benabed at the newly-renovated Chez l’Épicier as sommelier, manager and Maitre D. Less than a year later, with a month to spare before Chez l’Épicier’s closing, Jonathan arranged for a meeting with chef-owner Dany Bolduc of H4C Place Saint Henri. One month later, Jonathan jumped onboard with the H4C crew, first as sommelier and then as co-owner in the spring of the same year. Since the age of 17, Jonathan has demonstrated a passion for wine.


His role within the Best Restaurant Group is to train the floor staff not only regarding wines as well as the vast cheese selections. Jonathan is also responsible for the bi-monthly H4C Wine Club, where a group of clients who share the same enthusiasm about wine and discovery, get to taste different wines from a particular importer. From modest beginnings, the club is now booked weeks in advance and is soon launching in Toronto.

Fun facts: At age 19, he became responsible for Vizio’s wine list, all the while continuing to expand his knowledge of wine. Since then, his goal has been to transmit his passion to the various clienteles and co-workers he’s been privileged to meet.




Christopher spent his younger and more vulnerable years in search of purpose and meaning. An old soul with a storyteller’s heart, he found enrichment at a dive bar in Singapore, and a rooftop speakeasy in Midtown; in a smelt shack on the Hillsborough River, and on Moonshadows’ dock off the PCH. 


Intrinsically attuned to the subtler nuances of life, a chance encounter with an old friend in a Cambridge park ultimately catered to his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. 

Having refined an enterprising spirit and inducing a penchant for economics at grad school, Christopher channeled that restless ambition of youth to become a founder, consultant, and executive. 


In no shortage of decidedly random instances, he found the essence of meaning. At BRG, he has found his purpose. 



From a very young age, Katelyn showed a real knack & excitement for writing and the creative arts. When she wasn't on the soccer field or the basketball court, you could usually find her scribbling & scratching away in her notebook or sketchbook.


She followed her passion for language & the arts all the way to Wilfred Laurier University where she graduated with a double BA Honours degree in communication studies & french. It was through her intense theoretical & literary studies that she was able to refine her skills in the art of written & verbal communication in Canada's two official languages.


As someone who is hyper-organized & thrives on being detail-oriented, project management comes naturally to Katelyn & she enjoys bringing BRG's visions and brands to life through creative writing, content creation and graphic design. She is not happy until perfection is achieved.

Fun facts: she is a mom to a strong-willed baby girl. She just finished writing and publishing a book with her dad. One time, out of fear of embarrassing herself in front of everyone at a bowling birthday party, she made her parents take her bowling for a few hours beforehand so she could practice - she was 8 years old. 








Anthony Papon is originally from France, more precisely from Burgundy, a cradle
of viticulture, but also and above all a region where cooking is synonymous with
conviviality, sharing and love.

Anthony had from his youngest age this desire to transmit this pleasure of
sharing a good food, centered on the use of fresh and quality products.

Naturally, he integrated a professional training that confirmed this passion for
cooking. After attending the prestigious Accor Academy in Paris where he
deepened his technique, learned the workings of the hotel and restaurant
industry and management, he multiplied his experiences, all as diverse as
interesting, in several regions of France.

An entrepreneur at heart, he decided to return to his hometown to open his own
restaurant. He offers a generous but refined cuisine with an emphasis on the
freshness of the products and their local origin.

At the dawn of his 30 years, he "fell in love" with Quebec, he finds there theperfect mix of the energy of the North American cities and the Quebecois art of
living. His cuisine is in his image, simple but generous, preferring quality to
quantity, for the great pleasure of his guests.