The Best Restaurant Group is a collection of restaurant brands + industry services. 

With a variety of restaurants spread across Toronto, Mont-Tremblant and Montreal, BRG is driven to deliver quality food, every time. Founded by a group of industry folks, each with their own expertise, they've all come together to shake up the scene while pushing the limits of creative cuisine. 

In tandem with their experience and expertise, the founders of BRG also offer a variety of restaurant consulting services to restaurant owners alike. With over 60 combined years of experience, the team has encountered a wide variety of challenges and has created solutions for all of them. 

BRG is led by a group of people who's non-traditional life path has opened doors to unique opportunities that keep pushing BRG to the highest heights. Their passions for sustainable fine dining and travel are the foundation of BRG's continuous growth and a small snippet of where the company is heading.